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Planning a vacation or business trip to Asheville, NC?  Welcome to the Penley Produce family of vacation rental homes. It's a weird name, but the core of our properties are based around GrandLloyd & Grannie Laura's family farm affectionately called Penley Produce.  All our homes have the same great hosptality, quality, service, and competitive pricing!!!

We currently have seven (7) VRBO/AirBnB homes in Candler, NC just outside of Asheville.  Welcome to Western North Carolina.  #AltitudeAffectsAttitude

Tony McLean Brown and Michael Patton

We can house a wedding party or family reunion from 1 to 55 people in our collection of VRBO homes that are in very close proximity to each other (think ... just down the road!) Heck, three house are within a 9 iron shot of each other (see photo above) sharing the same 10 acres of green pasture. Three more homes are on Sand Hill Rd/Asbury and the Cabin that are within a 10-15 minutes drive of the old farm place at the corner of Monte Vista and Liberty.  All homes are a short drive into West Asheville, Downtown, Biltmore House, Breweries, Golf, Hiking, and the AVL Airport.

asheville vrbo vacation rentals

Check back to see when new properties are brought on line.

Close Enough, Yet Not Too Close

If you have a big group, you want folks to be able to get together BUT still  be able to get away from the crowd. Who wants to be right next to the inlaws, creepy uncles, or crying babies? If you are with bunch of college friends, who wants to be right next to the loud mouth?  Or just a bunch of couples/lovers who like traveling together but want to maintain social distance!  We have several options to suit your unique travel requirements.

When you come to Asheville, your group is gonna want to be near the downtown and West AVL activites, yet far enough away to have privacy and the beautiful mountains. Close enough, yet not too close.

GranLloyd & Grannie's Farm House

penley produce vacation rentals
The Original Farm House at Penley Produce built in 1920s

Aunt Patsy's

Penley Produce Asheville Vaction Rentals
Llody's House is to next door to the left and Warren's is the first house on the right

The Warren's

Penley Produce Asheville VRBO Vaction Rentals
Kathy Warren's House (she was the organist at FAUMC)

The Betty

Penley Produce VRBO Vaction Rentals in Asheville
"The Betty" was designed by Mrs. Betty Harkins

The Sanford's

Penley Produce VRBO Vacation Rentals in Asheville
Located 5 mins to West Asheville's Haywood Rd and Lloyd's Farm

Tom's Cottage

Penley Produce VRBO Vaction Rentals in A

VRBO #486912

The Cabin

The inside is cool but the OUTSIDE is AWESOME

Here is a quick recap of our seven (7) homes that can sleep up to FIFTY FIVE adults in historic Enka-Candler, NC just outside of Asheville:

GranLloyd's - 3 bedroom & sleeps 8, 2 bath, 1 hot tub

Aunt Patsy's - 3 bedroom & sleeps 6, 1.5 bath, 1 hot tub (next door to Lloyd's)

The Warren's - 3 bedroom & sleeps 8, 2 bath, 1 hot tub (9 iron shot to Lloyd's)

The Betty - 1 bedroom & sleeps 2, 1 bath, 1 hot tub (2 min drive to Lloyd's)

The Sanford's - 4 bedroom & sleeps 8, 2 bath, 1 hot tub (8 min drive to Lloyd's)

Tom's Cottage - 3 bedroom & sleeps 8, 2 bath, 1 hot tub (10 min drive to Lloyd's)

The Cabin - 3 bedroom & sleeps 14, 2 bath, 1 hot tub (15 min drive to Lloyd's)


Uncle Robert's (7 iron shot to Lloyd's)

The Harkin's - Valley View (3 mins to Lloyd's)

The Lewis's - Valley View Drive (3 mins to Lloyd's)

G Dub - Behind The Sanford's (8 mins to Lloyd's)

For the past 10 years, Uncle Mike has hosted thousands of guest in the Penley Produce family of vacation rental homes.  With over 500 5 STAR reviews on VRBO and AirBnB, the quality of our service and homes is both well documented and celebrated.  Michael Patton is a PREMIER HOST on VRBO and a SUPERHOST on AirBnB.  We are happy to work with any platform or directly with customers to suit their unique needs.  Call with any questions.  Thank you.

While RevT has officiated Weddings and Funerals in NC, TX, Mexico, and International Waterways, he has yet to perform a ceremony at Penley Produce.  With a batting average of 1,000 all the couples he's married are STILL happily together

Photo Cred:  Wes Harkins

Video Cred:  Kelli Darlin


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Author Tony McLean Brown Happy Guide

Tony McLean Brown

A Western NC hillbilly through and through, Tony McLean Brown was born in the small town of Enka-Candler outside of Asheville.  His parents re-named him when he was 3 years old to Tony (a nickname provided by his grandfather) McLean (middle name of his Uncle Michael) while retaining his legal surname Brown.

Throughout his career, Tony McLean Brown worked as a farmer, computer programmer, and management consultant – in his adventurous years – author, song-writer, bass player, poet, pilot, mountaineer, certified scuba diver, and competitor in professional bull riding, NASCAR late model racing, Toughman boxing, Crossfit Open, Ironman, pole vaulting, marathon and ultra-marathon running, as well as parenting. has been leveraged to help charities and non-profits across the globe, USA, NC, and Lake Norman area. If you, your family, school, church, or charity has been supported, please take the time to share, like, subscribe, comment, and provide a 5 star review!

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