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Penley Produce

By Tony McLean Brown | April 24, 2023

WEDDING PLANNERS and REUNION ORGANIZERS! Planning a vacation or business trip to Asheville, NC?  Welcome to the Penley Produce family of vacation rental homes. It’s a weird name, but the core of our properties are based around GrandLloyd & Grannie Laura’s family farm affectionately called Penley Produce.  All our homes have the same great hosptality,…

Hobson One Truth Tony McLean Brown

One Truth

By Tony McLean Brown | April 3, 2023

We just read One Truth:  Refining Faith Within the Evolution of Science by Darryl Hobson this past weekend sitting on the front porch overlooking Key West nature.  My son Daniel referred the book to us because of its attempt to compare/contrast the faith required to believe in RELIGION and the faith required to believe in…

#TodayByChy … Keeping It Orange!

By Tony McLean Brown | March 17, 2023

Daily Words of Wisdom by Chy Davidson Chy Davidson, Public Consulting Group & all around great human As many of you know, I’m a BIG fan of Chy Davidson.  He is a remarkable human with an inspiring story ranging from the National Football League (NFL) through the twist and turns of K-12 public education.  Everyday…

Happy International Women’s Day

By Tony McLean Brown | March 8, 2023

Hey Old Dudes Move the Hell Over …   As many of ya’ll know, I’ve written about strong badass women on @LinkedIn and on the HappyGuide blog since the early 2000s. The list is too long to type of women who have help shape my life. BUT #1 goes to my momma, Phyllis Penley Patton.…

Tony McLean Brown Kelli Hull Christmas

Happy (Guide) Holidays 2022!

By Tony McLean Brown | December 18, 2022

So, here’s what we know you all have been waiting for … Kelli’s amazing 2022 Happy (Guide) Holiday Video: HOLY NIGHT HAS THIS BEEN A CRAZY YEAR!? When folks ask Kelli and me how things are going, we open with our friend Dan’s tag line, “Fortunate & Grateful.”  It’s both a meditative and honest response. …

Tony McLean Brown Farm Aid

Happy Farmers’ High

By Tony McLean Brown | September 19, 2022

Barnstock will Match Your $5 donation to Farm Aid! Click Here to Donate WHAT:  FUND RAISER FOR FARM AID Barnstock Charities will MATCH your $5 Donation* to FARM AID *$5 is the average cost of a Texas Torpedo WHY: WILLIE NELSON’S FARM AID 2022  NC Institute for Emerging Issues and Farm Aid have partnered to…

Dan Borgen Tony McLean Brown

A Mystery to Be Lived

By Tony McLean Brown | August 9, 2022

A Happy Guide Book Report I LOVE THIS DAMN BOOK! If this was Amazon or Goodreads, I give it a 5 STAR book review. BUT, this blog is not a book review. I’m submitting to you my BOOK REPORT. Think Mrs. Williams 8th Grade class at Sand Hill Middle School. Imagine me in front of…

Tony McLean Brown, Pilates


By Tony McLean Brown | July 27, 2022

Excellent, check out this quote by Sam Berns (1996 – 2014) when he was a junior in high school … “As I’m striving to change the world, I will be happy.” Sam had a rare disease called progeria that took his life at 17.  HBO did a series on him entitled, “Life According to Sam.” …

Tony McLean Brown Willie Nelson

Speak Up! The Willy Way

By Tony McLean Brown | June 29, 2022

Three things have happened in my life to generate this Happy Guide blog post: 1 Kelli and I just read “The Tao of Willie – A Guide to Happiness in Your Heart.” 2 Roe vs Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court while NC State University just celebrated 50 years of Title IX 3 I…