Happy (Guide) Holidays 2022!

Tony McLean Brown Kelli Hull Christmas

So, here’s what we know you all have been waiting for … Kelli’s amazing 2022 Happy (Guide) Holiday Video: Play Video HOLY NIGHT HAS THIS BEEN A CRAZY YEAR!? When folks ask Kelli and me how things are going, we open with our friend Dan’s tag line, “Fortunate & Grateful.”  It’s both a meditative and…

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Speak Up! The Willy Way

Tony McLean Brown Willie Nelson

Three things have happened in my life to generate this Happy Guide blog post: 1 Kelli and I just read “The Tao of Willie – A Guide to Happiness in Your Heart.” 2 Roe vs Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court while NC State University just celebrated 50 years of Title IX 3 I…

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5 Qualities of Great Leaders

I got a computer-generated SPAM email from Susy Jackson, News Editor for LinkedIn, and she asked me two very specific questions related to Leonard Mlodinow’s post about his friend Stephen Hawking’s thoughts on great leaders: “Is the ability to pivot or change course critical to being a good leader?” “What qualities do you think make…

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5 Mins. @ Sunset: BUILD UP

Humility, Appreciation, Love, Forgiveness, Hard Work, Efficiency, Generosity https://youtu.be/fq6hxAGJ8zsHere is the full length video. Transcript follows below. Thanks! Good evening and welcome to 5 Minutes @ Sunset. I’m Tony McLean Brown and thank you for joining us for another beautiful sunset and a quick chat. If you like the energy or if I hit a…

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5 Traits to Celebrate and Emulate for YOUR Career Development 5 Traits to Celebrate and Emulate for YOUR Career Development I don’t care if you like Quincy Jones (Q) or not. I don’t care if you like his lifestyle, music, religious beliefs, or politics. Hell … I don’t even know or care what they are,…

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