Happy (Guide) Holidays 2022!

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So, here’s what we know you all have been waiting for … Kelli's amazing 2022 Happy (Guide) Holiday Video:

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When folks ask Kelli and me how things are going, we open with our friend Dan’s tag line, “Fortunate & Grateful.”  It's both a meditative and honest response.  But to tell the whole truth, we gotta admit there is currently real pain and suffering throughout our friends/family network:  death, sickness, surgery, flooding, hurt feelings, loneliness, substance abuse, fire, resentment, financial crisis, mental health issues, bias, intolerance, and the stress of it all.


It’s been amazing to witness the kindness and generosity of so many people.  It seems just as the needs increase, there’s a surge of good stuff coming from all directions.  The HappyGuide/Barnstock/PCG Cares community (friends, neighbors, family) has stepped up big time for:

It is amazing how much folks are willing to pitch in, share, like, heart, re-post, and volunteer their time.  Thank you.  Thank you. Thank you for your support, laughter, positive mental attitudes, and love.

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Here’s to 2023!  Fresh start to a new year with endless possibilities to be of service to others!  Appreciate you being in our “network of people with positive energy.”

In case you missed it, here's the last couple of Happy Holiday videos by Kelli Darlin (video credit):

Happy Holiday 2021

Happy Holiday 2020

Please comment below and/or download a free book/song.  Special thanks to Ms. Quindilen for allowing us to continue this work leveraging her name and kind heart.  Buy her book!




– by Kelli & tmb


This time of year, full of holiday cheer

Here’s something new for you this year

Before we begin, we must confess

It’s the truth, no more, no less


The season begins the same each year

After the last Thanksgiving beer


Excitement grows as Christmas draws near

Next thing you know a flamingo appears

We can’t stop now, it’s too much fun

Look-ey here, the rooster is done



We sing all wrong

With made up words

hard to sing along


NO HOLIDAY BOOGIE in festive clothers

The twist, the jerk and mashed potatoes


Christmas came this year like a thief in the night

And passed us by like reindeer in flight

This video ain’t a dance or song

But what we did all year long


The year began with a pole in the box

With Pole Vault in Paradise right next to the docks

Julia played volleyball in the snow

The star of the team and higher to go!


Alexander came down and now is 18

Ready for fun if you know what I mean

It was finally time for his first sky dive

Him mom was thrilled he came home alive


Kelli starred in a video – 80s theme they said

Check it out: “That girl’s got eyes in the back of her head”

Music Awards in the heart of Key West

Ken & Nick won because they are the BEST!


Veronica suited up and had no fear

Jumped out that plane without a tear

Leonard showed how us how to fish like a pro

Our bellies were hungry, that’s how it goes


Off to the Island of Isla Mujeres

Calm island vibes to lunch on the terrace

Enjoyed a local tequila brew

With Nashville start Maggie Rose & Crew


The coconut shots without a label

Were the clear winners at the table

A beautiful charity dressed in yellow

The Little School House so happy & mellow


Our flight training with Dick is almost a wrap

As Kelli finished, Tony takes a quick nap

St Pete Grand Prix with Kirk & Mae

We looked left, then right, and laughed all day


Off to Texas, in Austin we land

To see Dan’l play vball in the sand


The grocery store was a happenin’ spot

It wasn’t just groceries and shot that we bought

Cottrell & Mary do more than just bake

When the music starts they boogie and shake


RevT rides again, no other above

As Amanda & Miles share vows and love

The jungle boat full of friends and a view

With oohs and ahhhs as the humpback’s spout blew


Golfin with Dan’l in the Florida Keys

If it weren’t for the Claws, we’d won with ease

Sandbars & Sunsets with Mel & Dewayne

Oh NO! he’s using the sunscreen again


The lovely Larissa is home in Ukraine

Together we come to help ease her pain


Julia and Maggie reunite.

They won the Open and Maggie took to flight

We flew high and then stopped for a drink

White Claws set up to kill, tip or dink.


The Pride Parade was hot as snot

We marched and laughed a lot

Red, orange, yellow green,

Indigo, violet … PROUD to be seen.


Alexander’s graduation meant a lot.

Miles and Sydney tied the knot.

Perfect reasons to celebrate.

So proud of everyone … ain’t it great.


Went to Buffalo to see a show

Niagara Falls was a steady flow

Fenway Park and the Socks

Who don’t love Skinner’s Box


Kenny is a pretty good aim

Kelli shot nuts without any shame.

Her body paintings were the best.

Nipples were outlawed for Fantasy Fest.


Lon & Debbie danced a jig

Nick plays while smokin’ a cig

La Te Da’s plays Broadway songs

Who knew the girls hide their dongs?


Bev & Gay wed for 75 years

Hugs, kisses and not many tears

3 beautiful girls and grandkids around

Granpa built all the houses in town.


Plane engine broke while flying high.

Over the water about 50 mile.

Coasted to SkyTech for a repair

Went to Blues Alley without a care.


Farm Aid this year was in Carolina

Local farmers & organic limas.

Music and food and IEI

Kelli’s cape had big blue eyes.


Hurrican Ian was a blow and fuss

Flooded houses and made us cuss

But friends helped clean up the mess

WeatherChannels suck … god bless.


When our friend passed it made us sad.

Rev T celebrated CJ’s dad.

Jason and Jack sang til the end.

Robin’s loved by family & friends.


Tryon Steeple chase is something to see.

Bouncing horses and tons of glee.

Jason drove the shuttle bus.

So happy nobody made a fuss.


Daniel made Kelli some fancy earrings.

Julia’s colors made them bling.

We love these kids who make us cheer

4 times a year we want them near


“Pull You Through” and “It’s You” is what we love

Above … a special song by Maggie Rose


We can’t believe you made it this far

Shouldn’t you be at the bar?

Merry Christmas to all

Where ever you are!



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